Resource Donations

Please note: Due to some of the changes to our work as a result of the Executive Order announced on January 27, 2017 we are unable to take most donations at this time. We are currently unable to store large numbers of donations and are not receiving new clients for the next 4 months so we will not have the ability to continuously distribute donations as we have in the past. Below is a list of the donations we are currently in need of and able to accept.


Donation Needs: Items with an Asterisk* need to be new

-Kitchen tables and chairs



-Shower Curtains & Rings

-Twin Sheet Sets

-Rice Cookers

-Can openers

-Tea Pots


-School Supply Items: Only: Notebooks and folders)

-Plungers*, Toilet Bowl Brushes*

-Small Garbage Bins*

-Baby items (diapers*, pacifiers*, baby blankets, bibs, car seats*)

-Brooms & Dustpans

-Giftcards to distribute to families in need who are already living in the Fox Valley (to grocery stores and/or places like Walmart & Target)

- Click the link to learn about an opportunity to gather items that will support refugees' self sufficency!

Please contact Kelsey Hulet ( at our Oshkosh Office with additional questions or to make a donation. We can occasionally pick up donations in nearby areas. 

Tax Receipts are available upon request for all received donations.