World Relief Fox Valley began offering Immigrant Legal Services to our refugee clients this past September of 2015.  Our initial objective is to provide green card application assistance for refugees who have been in the United States for one year and are legally required to apply.  Along with assisting refugees in obtaining green cards, World Relief Fox Valley is also currently serving refugee clients through family reunification applications, travel document applications, and immigration consultations, among other services.  As our refugee population grows and becomes more established, we will start assisting refugee clients in preparing and applying for citizenship, once each individual has had their green card for five years.  Our first goal is to provide thorough, legitimate, and cost-effective immigration services to our refugee clients that they would not otherwise have.  Eventually, World Relief Fox Valley envisions offering comprehensive immigration services to the general public to meet the needs of those in our community. 


Support and Funding for Immigration Legal Services provided by a grant from the Community Impact Fund within the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.