Volunteers are an integral piece of World Relief’s puzzle, greatly assisting World Relief Fox Valley in serving vulnerable populations through our programs.

World Relief Fox Valley utilizes volunteers on a regular basis to aid in fulfillment of program requirements, and to provide mentorship, friendship, and general assistance to refugees and refugee families. Prior to refugee arrivals, volunteers assist staff in gathering donations for refugee housing, setting up housing, and grocery shopping for new arrivals.

Volunteers are also trained by WRFV staff to help refugees once they have arrived in the United States, aiding staff in helping refugees adjust to a new environment, culture, and lifestyle.

Volunteers donate their time and resources, providing support to newcomers by helping them get to necessary medical appointments, taking them shopping for groceries and climate-appropriate clothing, and teaching them to navigate the community via public transportation. Volunteers help to teach refugees basic living skills such as housekeeping and budgeting. In addition, volunteers spend time as ESL tutors, interpreters, and translators, and function as cultural and community guides, helping refugees learn about their new community and the public resources available to them, demonstrating personal and public safety practices, and answering questions clients may have about their new environments.

**Please note that our offices serve the Fox Valley so we currently only place and serve clients living in Appleton and Oshkosh, WI. Therefore all of our volunteer opportunities will be in these two cities only. If you are interested in finding opportunities with refugees for a different geographical location in the state please feel free to check out Wisconsin’s list of agencies by geographical location here.**



Immigration Assistant

Training with Immigration Specialist prior to this assignment.

  • One-time commitment and/or as needed
  • Needs to be: Extremely detail-oriented, ability to follow set instructions
  • Assist clients in obtaining required immunizations and updating proper record of these
  • Take clients to get passport-sized photos taken (Walgreens or Walmart)
  • Transport clients to Milwaukee for biometric appointments (typically 30 minute appointments or less)
  • Other tasks as instructed by Immigration Manager

Medical Road Runner

  • One-time commitment and/or as needed
  • Transport refugees to medical appointments
  • Report any updates or new appointments to Health Navigator & Volunteer Coordinator

Job Skills Mentor

Meeting with Employment Specialist prior to beginning this assignment

  • One-time commitment and/or as needed
  • Help refugees prepare for the U.S. work world as World Relief helps them seek employment
  • Mock interviews
  • Job Searching
  • Job-readiness skills
  • Resume Building/Writing
  • Assistance driving to interviews
  • Connecting refugees with employers

Job Club Mentor

  • Ongoing commitment to at least one day per week
  • Attend Job Club on Tuesdays from 1-3pm (Oshkosh) & 1-4pm (Appleton)
  • Help refugees prepare for the U.S. work world based on Job Club topics
  • Resume building/writing

Office Assistant

  • Commitment to 3-4 hour time-frame 2-3 days per (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) 
  • Assist staff with clerical efforts at the World Relief Oshkosh office
  • Duties may include: answering phones, greeting guests, compiling information using spreadsheets, file-keeping, light cleaning, etc.




  • One-time commitment and/or as needed
  • Provide childcare for families with children when parents have medical appointments or English classes

Community Mentor

  • Commitment based on volunteer’s availability
  • Help refugees acclimate to living in the U.S. and the Fox Valley community
  • The mentorship relationship is intended to be a loosely defined friendship between the volunteer and the refugee. Activities may include (but are not limited to) English tutoring, job searching, job skills training, cultural adjustments, comparison shopping, community involvement, driving lessons, etc.


CURRENTLY ON HOLD: (Note: These opportunities are currently unavailable)

Donations Assistant

  • One-time commitment and/or as needed
  • Move furniture into apartments of new arrivals
  • Pick up donated items throughout the community and deliver them to storage unit or homes
  • Help manage/organize storage unit

New Arrivals Assistant

  • One-time commitment and/or as needed
  • Gather needed household items for families prior to arrival
  • Assist with apartment/house set-ups prior to arrival
  • Grocery shop for needed food upon arrival
  • Prepare hot meal for family upon arrival

Airport Pick-Up Assistant

  • One-time commitment and/or as needed
  • Meet refugees when they first arrive in the U.S. and deliver them to their apartment/house
  • Show clients how to lock door, turn on water, stove and lights

Good Neighbor Team

  • 6-month commitment
  • Work with a group of 6-10 individuals from your church to meet the needs of a refugee family prior to arrival to at least 6 months after arrival
  • More extensive training will be offered for potential Good Neighbor Teams