• Welcoming the Stranger

    Refugees are people who were forced to flee their homes and countries because of persecution and conflict or a fear of it. These are individuals and families who have faced incredible trauma and challenges -- yet they find the strength to come to a land they have never been to and rebuild their lives in an unfamiliar culture. They are incredible people with unfathomable courage.

  • Internship in World Relief Fox Valley

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  • Refugees Continue to Secure Employment

    We are so proud of our clients who continue to obtain gainful skills in the workforce and are securing employment. Way to go, guys!

  • Road to Livelihood Classes

    WR works closely with local agencies and volunteers to provide life-skills classes for newly arrived refugees. The curriculum of these classes is tailored to meet the needs of the refugees and address the issues that they experience in America. We so greatful for the insite provided by local agencies and the support provided by volunteers and churches that bring refugees to these classes and provide snacks and drinks for the students and teachers!

About Us

We practice principles of transformational development to empower local churches in the United States and around the world so they can serve the vulnerable in their communities. Join us and stand for the vulnerable. In our own backyard and around the globe, we stand with individuals and communities through the process of healing, reconciliations, transformation and empowerment.

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Seeking Awesome Interns!

As we continue to expand in Oshkosh and Appleton, our need for interns grows. Consider interning with us in either city this Spring! Applications for Spring internships due December 1st. Volunteers and interns play a vital role in supporting World Relief’s work. World Relief Fox Valley equips individuals with professional and spiritual development tools to impact the globe and further God’s Kingdom.

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